Monday, 16 April 2012


After capturing all of the footage I needed to make my music video, I then transferred it all onto the W Drive on one of the computers in the media room. I then opened my footage up on Adobe Premier Pro in order to begin the editing. I initially had no plan on how I would structure my editing, but then decided I would edit it from beginning to end. This worked out really well for me as I was able to adjust the times of the clips freely without having too much stress of trying to fit clips in here and there. I knew exactly what shots I had and had a fair idea on where they would all go before I even started my editing which was a huge benefit as I knew exactly what shots should go where.

It took me a fair amount of time to cut the clips up into the right time scales and edit them all together to fit the time of the song. Once everything fitted together, I then had to change the lighting, contrast and exposure levels of some of the clips so they matched the other ones. This was due to the fact that the lighting was different in many clips due to me filming the shots on different days. It was near impossible to get the exact same lighting and therefore the editing software helped me to achieve this.

I also used the editing software to extend the duration of the clips so they filled up a larger area of the song. I used this on clips such as the ones of Georgie in the bed as Chris was at the pub. Another feature I used was the 'Ghosting Effect' when Chris was spinning and singing up into the camera. I used this in order to portray a drunk effect as though his vision is blurred and as though he is in a slightly outer body experience.

I created the title on Adobe Illustrator and opened it up into the title option on Premier Pro and chose how I wanted it to appear on the screen and how I wanted it to exit. I chose to have the title appear on the screen slightly after the beginning of the song as this is how they seem to appear in real media products. I chose my music video to be played on 'Scuzz' as it fits the genre of music that is played on this station and also relates to the other tracks that appear here.

Problems Encountered:
It took me a fair amount of time to get round to editing my music video due to the change of actor initially. However, when I was finally able to start editing, there were problems with rendering and it was taking up to 40 minutes some days for all of the clips to render. Moreover, it was eventually sorted and I was able to get my editing done on time and was not rushed into a lower standard of work .
Another problem I had was the fact that I could not get one certain clip to the right lighting. I altered all different levels of contrast and exposure etc to try and get the clip to the right levels, however my bedroom lighting that I had filmed in did me no favors and it proved near impossible to get it right. I eventually settled for the nearest lighting to best and agreed that it did fit in and was not too visible or tatty. I had audience feedback about this to settle my opinion as looking at it for a long amount of time proved that I could not find a solution. However, my peers disagreed and assured me that what I had done fitted nicely.
One other thing I recognized when editing was the occasional shakey camera when filming. I didn't think it affected my video too much and later thought it actually fitted in. I then took this up with my peers and Emma in my class said that "The shakey camera shots actually fit in quite nicely with the genre of the music video and also with the narrative. The narrative is about a drunk man who obviously has problems in his life and the shakey shots kind of help to represent that".

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