Thursday, 29 March 2012

Second day of filming!

The second day of filming involved capturing everything I was unable to get on the first day. This included most of the lip synching as the weather was a lot better and more bareable. It went really well with no problems and I was able to just get on and film what I needed to. We re-visited the pub where we went on the first day of filming and purchased another beverage for Chris to drink. I filmed him drinking his alcohol at the bar on his own to create the lonesome effect as though he has no one. The pub was a really good place for this, they did not mind me filming in there even at peak time which was a bonus. I was able to capture shots of Chris on his own as though there were no other people at the pub to create the effect that it was late at night and that he had gone to the pub purely to drink to try to make himself feel better due to not being able to sleep.

The second day of filming did not take long at all because I had planned out exactly what I needed to capture and exactly the locations we would use. We didn't come across anyone that got in the way of the shots and the odd passer by and cars going past created a natural effect which worked quite well.
Seeing as the second day of filming was so successful, it was not necessary for me to have a third day of filming which meant I could transfer all of my footage onto Adobe Permier Pro in order to start editing my music video together.

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