Monday, 23 April 2012

Digipack Inside Panels

I decided that a photo from the actual filming locations would be an effective touch to add to the inside of my digipack. As I was filming, I took random photos for proof of filming and to help me capture different angles for my filming. This has come in very useful as I can now use these for my digipack.

I had a fair few to choose from including these:

All of these photos are taken from in the pub. I think this is the perfect location for the photos as the lighting is low key and the message that the photo delivers consists of the character being lonely or depressed as he is drinking on his own at night time.

I like the photos of Chris drinking at the bar the most. They show that he is on his own and the lighting is very good here. I also think the angle is nice as the photos show the bar as well.

Above are the photos that I think are most relevant and efective. However, whichever one I choose will need to be editited. From looking at these photos, I have decided that I like the one of Chris where he isn't drinking. I think it gives the impression that he is stuck in thought rather than just drinking at the bar.

To make this photo more effective, I chose to alter the contrast and exposure levels to make the lighting seem more dark with attempts to make the photo seem more emotional.
  This is the finished photo for the inside panels of my digipack. The editing I have done on it makes it look more effective and professional.
This is what my digipack looks like so far with all of the panels except from the front.

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