Friday, 9 March 2012

First day of filming!

The first day of filming went very well; I managed to film most of the important bits for the beginning and middle of the video.
The beginning of the video shows how Chris gets out of bed and has his first drink in the middle of the night. This was filmed in my bedroom so it was easy to decide what angles to film from and there was no hassle or disruptions.
Here are the useful people who 
helped me with my filming!

The middle part of the music video is of Chris making his way to the pub in the middle of the night, seeing as it is the winter, we managed to get out quite early as it got dark at about 5pm and had a good couple of hours to film the outside shots. However, one problem we had was that it snowed! Typically on the day we arranged to film which was annoying and made us rush about and made it difficult for me to hold the camera still with my freezing hands! We also filmed the lip synching shots at this time, in the snow...but we were lucky enough to get it does as the snow held off and didn't stop us for too long.

It started getting later and the last bit of filming I needed was in a pub environment, so off we went to the local Bransgore Pub! They had no problem with me doing some filming in there of Chris at the bar and ordering his drink so that worked out quite well.

We warmed up and had a drink and by this time it was about 9.30pm. We had been filming for about 2 and a half hours and I got most of the shots I needed to be able to get started and have the majority done, but I knew I had to have a second day of filming to get the little bits and pieces filmed that I hadn't managed to get done due to the snow and freezing temperatures!

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