Friday, 6 January 2012

Video containing similar shots to my ideas..

These New Puritans 'Elvis' - Director: Saam Farahmand from Tom Lindsay on Vimeo.
Above is a video very different to what I will be producing, however it has shots and ideas similar to mine.

 I want to include shots similar to this in my video. I am planning on putting a spotlight behind Ed's head so I get a silhouette of the side of his face which I think will be very effective when he lip syncs the lyrics.

 I also like this shot as the facial expression on this girls face shows upset/troubled emotions which relates to the emotions in my track. Therefore, I will ask Ed to use these facial expressions in order to deliver the emotions of the song.
Another thing that I like about this video is the black background. It is another feature that adds to the effect of the video and helps to show the dark emotions of the song.

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