Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Developed Ideas for the music video

Whilst continuing the design and production of the digipack, I have been thinking of more ideas for the video.
I would like to include shots of Ed's mouth alone as he is singing the lyrics with dim lighting as I feel this will fit the genre.
Locations such as the beach with a sunset and maybe somewhere like a field at night time when there is minimal lighting or when it is really cloudy, or even raining as I dont want bright lighting.
Another one of my ideas is to include shots of Ed's silhouetted face whilst he is singing and maybe some longer shots of him sat down looking at the floor with dim lighting whilst singing. I have not yet found any real material to show what I mean as these are just ideas I have  thought up.
To help show these ideas, I will take photos of the shots I would like to use and post them up on my blog. I will also keep searching for real media products with these similar shots!

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