Thursday, 17 November 2011

Magazine Ad Development

I decided to try out a photo of Ed for the magazine ad with the same background idea as what I already have. I opened the photo into photoshop and edited it into black and white as well as changing the contrast and saturation to make it more appealing and to match the dark colours of the ad that I was going for:

I originally took this photo in black and white from the camera, using photoshop, I cropped it and edited it.
This is the process of cropping the image. The dark outer area of the photo being the bit that I deleted from the photo.

I played with the exposure and offset levels to get this effect, I then used the lasso tool to select the part of the image that I wanted and then clicked 'refine edge' to feather the image to give an overall result.

This is the final edit that I came up with which I then put on one of the backgrounds that I designed on Adobe Illustrator to give me a rough idea of what it would look like.

I don't think this works well as a design, I could change the background to suit the photo more, however I prefer the silhouette images infront of the fading background that I have previously designed.

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