Thursday, 10 November 2011

Finalisation of names

After realising that I could not proceed any further without deciding what names I will use for the Artist, Track and Album, I finally chose what to use! I was not happy with the names I had thought of for the Artist name and therefore googled 'UK male names' which actually really helped me. After going through every male name in my head and trying to picture it on a didgipack for my particular track, I realised that a short, sharp name works well. I got this from 'Dan Lowe' that I originally thought of and therefore I have chosen to use the name Rob Young. I put this by classmates to see what they thought and they all agreed with my choice!

All along, I have liked the album name 'Unconcious Living' as I think it works well with the vibe of the song. I also think it fits becasuse the artist has a distinct voice and I imagine him making an album with consiting of very similar songs. So, to confirm...I will be naming the album Unconcious Living.

I have inspiration from my previous ideas for the track name. 'You see the bad in me' is one of the ideas I like, however I thought it was too long and therefore I have decided to shorten it down to The bad in me.

After finally decidng the names, I can now get on with producing my digipack and poster!

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