Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Song, Album and Artist Name Feedback

Here is a quick show of what feedback I got about the names I have thought of. Unconscious living is quite a popular choice for the album name and it is one of my favourites so I am temped to use this. Dan Lowe is the most popular name for the artist however I don't think it fits and therefore I will think of some more choices. 'Bad Dreams' is the most chosen song name out of my choices which is understandable because the song lyrics include the words 'bad dreams'. I think this is a suitable choice however it is also too plain and obvious in my opinion. 'Distance' is what my teacher suggested and George liked 'You see the bad in me'. I agree with Georges choice here, I think 'You see the bad in me' relates well to the song and the lyrics, however the sound of the word 'Distance' has a certain ring to it and is also very relevant.

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