Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot of Ed, my actor in the clothes that I intend on filming him in. The purpose of this was to create the look of the character and to get some photos together to enable me to begin adding effects and editing them for ideas for the digipack. The photo shoot went really well and I took a range of photos from different angles. Ed pulled facial expressions to show a 'sad', 'mellow' mood to fit with the feel of the track. I used black and white effects to enhance this mood more as the plain, dull colours contribute to the same mellowness of the track.

These are a selection of photos from the photo shoot. Some are edited and others I have left as I took them. The black and white photos have not been edited, I took them with the black and white mode on the camera which is really useful when I come to filming the black and white shots.

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