Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I have been thinking about what I want my music video to look like. Here is some inspiration.

The low angle shots of his feet are what I would like to include in my music video. They connote sadness and 'low' moods which is ideal for the track I am doing my music video to.
The facial close ups are also relevant to what I want to include in my video as they show expressions and emotions. This will help to show the feelings of the character which are delivered through the song.
One of the differences that there is between the ideas of my music video and this one is the lip syncing. I do not plan on having the character in my music video lip syncing the whole way through as I feel it creates more of a mellow mood.
Slow head movement and looking down on the ground, (shown by low-angle close ups) is what the main focus of my music video will be. I will use many shots to show the emotions of my character as the song is very emotionally focussed.

I am undecided..but I may include some performance shots. This would include Ed (the main character) singing in to a microphone with dark lighting in a plain room (maybe one of the studios at school)

From looking at this video, I have noticed that to make it look professional, I need a wide variety of shots and I need to edit them together so there is a constant change to keep the viewer intrigued.

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