Thursday, 27 October 2011

Research into The Script

From realizing that The Script have produced a similar music video to what I'm going for, I decided to look into their CD covers and any posters they have for inspiration for my ancillary task.

Above are a selection of the CD covers from The Script. These are a good example of what I will be doing for my digipack. The facial expressions of the band match what my character will look like. These expressions show maturity opposed to a band singing parody songs etc. You can tell from the cover of these albums that the songs may be emotional and include the genre of 'soul'. The colours help connote this, especially the top-left and bottom-right CD covers. They are sinister and gentle colours opposed to bright, loud colours that may portray up beat songs. 

I also noticed from these covers that the main singer has the 'star image'. He is the biggest person on the cover and is also at the front to show he is the face of the band. I will be using this method  on my digipack- a close-up of Ed (my actor) will help to secure his face to his music which will then help to attract the target audience. 

The posters share the same characteristics of the 'star image' effect as the CD covers. Black and white is an effect I am very keen on using due the mellow mood created by the track I am making the video to.

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