Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mise en scène - Costume

I want the character in my music video to wear casual clothing. The latest fashion is indie which is good for me because it is nice and easy to get hold of appropriate clothing. Chinos with a casual shirt or t-shirt is the route im going down. I have to consider what the weather conditions will be as at this time of year it can be very cold! It is not essential to have a specific outfit so I can be flexible as to what my character wears. However, I want him to look slightly vulnerable and insecure, therefore jeans with a baseball cap etc would not work!

I had a look through Topman to see what clothing is out and too see what is available for me to use. This means that if my actor does not have the clothes that are necessary, I have the option of taking a trip here and buying the clothes needed.

I have an image in my head of how the character will look. These black coats are what I imagine him wearing, walking along with his hands in his pockets, showing vulnerability. I would prefer the jacket not to have a hood as that shows youth and I don't feel this would fit the song.
These chinos are what I have in mind along with a coat like the ones above. I think they will denote a casual look.

Along with the clothing above, I thought a plain white t-shirt would work well. This keeps the look simple and casual and does not demonstrate a particular fashion.
These shoes will go nicely with the chinos and are also very casual. This fits nicely with the look I want my character to have.

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