Friday, 14 October 2011

My Actor

So after the big worry of trying to find a suitable actor, I have finally found one!
Ed Tindall is a student at the same sixth form as me and is studying performing arts. He is a Drama routed student which is great as he has the confidence and skills to act exactly how I need him to for my music video. I have known his for a long time which is a bonus as it will be easy to communicate and get things done quick and easy!

As well as being great for confidence, Ed also has the perfect look for my video. He has the causal look that I am going for and pulls off the 'smart/casual' look well.

These are a few photos of Ed just to set the scene. They demonstrate the casual look that I am going for in my video. From knowing Ed for so long, I know that he is capable of acting the vulnerable character that I need for my music video. The black and white is great because it demonstrates the colours that will be included in the final product. 
I intend on doing a photo shoot in one of the studios in school where I will experiment with lighting and compare what colours look best. I will then use one of these for the front cover of my digipack. The middle 'natural' look photo here is what I have in mind for the photos in my digipack as I think it delivers the genre of the song well. 

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