Thursday, 13 October 2011

Digipack Cover Research

I put a board together of different CD covers for inspiration. The covers here relate to what I intend on using for my digipack cover. I will do a photoshoot of my actor with the same type of poses as the ones shown by James Morrison on the board and Matt Cardle. The photos of Adele here are relative because of the black and white effect which is what I am inclined to include on my digipack.

Most of these front covers use close ups to portray and sell 'star image'. This links their face and name to their songs, meaning listeners recognise the artist through their image.

The fonts used in most of these are plain and simle which I like. I think a plain font would suit my track as it is a very simplistic song which does not need selling. It appeals only to people interested in the specific genre and therefore will sell on its own without intense marketing and promoting.

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