Friday, 9 September 2011

My Song

This is the song that I have chosen to produce a music video to.

             Track 21 (mp3)

The Lyrics:

When you sleep
Do you see an angel in dying light
Or can you see someone standing outside
Trying to set you alight
Or maybe you've seen someone somewhere before That I might have loved if i'd never loved you But you only see me in...
Bad dreams

Personally, these lyrics make me think of an outer world experience with bright lights as well as the opposite of black and white creating a mellow mood. I also get the disturbing vibe from the lyrics. "Or can you see someone standing outside, Trying to set you alight"
It also has the aspect of love as well as desperation towards the end as though 'his love' doesn't want to be with him as she sees him in "bad dreams".
I will be following the lyrics to a certain extent, however, through the idea of a storyline on the basis of losing a loved one, I will deviate from the lyrics to be able to expand on and include my narrative ideas.

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