Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Decision

I am a huge fan of the popular 'hip-hop' music of today, however I have decided to take a very different route and go for a much slower song. I feel that this is the right decision to make as I will be able to use my imagination and create a video that I feel directly relates to the piece of music. 
I made this decision after listening to the pieces of music provided for us to choose from as I felt a small connection to the song and immediately imagined what I would put in the video. When listening to the given pieces, I also chose a second best if my first choice was not to work. Ironically, it is an up beat piece of music much like the 'hip-hop' songs of today that I enjoy listening to. After comparing the two songs, I decided track 21 (the slower song) would be my first choice as it is more of a challenge for me and I would have to put a lot of thought into it in order to achieve well. If I were to go with the other, faster song, it would be boring and I would not have to use as much imagination as it would be much more in my comfort zone.

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