Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Character Research

I thought it best if I did some research into what alternative bands look like so I could search for someone appropriate to appear in my music video. Although my video will not be performance based, I wanted to include an actor who fits the scene and makes the video work as an alternative rock singer.

I googled alternative rock band images to get an idea of what the appearance of the members is and this is what I got:

This selection of images shows that there is a similarity between the bands. The often wear black clothes and sometimes wear eye make-up. The middle photo of mumford and sons differs from the other photos. They are a more modern alternative rock band than the other ones as well as a lot more indie.

From this research, I have found out what typical alternative rock bands look like which has given me inspiration as to what I will look for in the person(s) that appears in my video.

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