Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Latest Ideas

I was not able to go into school today due to illness and therefore decided to listen to my music choice as many times as it took in order to think of a possible story. From this, I came up with quite a few ideas! Whilst listening to my song, I had a notepad in front of me so I was able to jot down any ideas that came into my head and this is what I got:

  • The opening of my song choice makes me think of slow-motion walking in the dark. This fits with the idea that came from the feedback of my audience which has been growing on me over the past few days.
  • Slow motion walking, camera on feet, slowly moving up the body as the music progresses while he is still walking, night time.
  • Narrative of different things going wrong in his life (lost his love-he sees her with someone else in the video, children are scared of his as he walks past, people give him bad looks as he walks by etc)
  • See his face when drums start (22 secs)
  • Slow-mo until he starts to sing & cut to him singing
  • 2 different story lines throughout the video: one with the problems he faces and his difficulties and one with him singing and sharing his pain through his lyrics.

These images show the kind of idea I have in mind for the opening of my music video. I am not set on where I will film this yet but I am keen on filming him alone with nobody else around so it is only his legs in the shot. The train track in the top photo relates quite nicely to what I might include in my video as it shows loneliness and also portrays the feeling of giving up.

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