Monday, 26 September 2011

Audience Feedback

During class time, my classmates and I shared the ideas we had come up with regarding our different song choices and what we were thinking of including in our music videos.
I used my blog to explain and show the mental processes that I had thought of to include in my video (or at least the general theme). I explained in as much detail as possible, stating what colour choices I was going for and the general feel I wanted my music video to give.
Many of my classmates agreed with the route I was taking, however I didn't have a set story line in my head that I was able to share and therefore, my peers suggested a couple of things to me. These were very closely linked with the hazy thoughts I had which included the nightmare shots and the slow, glum shots to suit the music almost portraying the unhappiness in someone's life (initially a man).
The idea my audience came up with was a story line including a troubled man who had lost his way in life or lost the one he loves etc. This has inspired me and I now have another thread into my coursework to research and include in my planning and ideas.
I found sharing my ideas with others was very helpful as I was able to get the opinions from fresh eyes of what their immediate thoughts were when listening to the music. Therefore, I will continue to collect audience feedback throughout my planning and producing of my music video.

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