Friday, 3 February 2012

Narrative of music video

Bad Dream-
Rough ideas:
  • Gets up in the night, reaches for a bottle of wine, drinks in bed
  • gets out of bed, gets dressed, walks out of the house to start a journey to the pub
  • walks down streets and alley ways
  • gets to the pub, drinks on his own at the bar, looks around, puts head in hands
  • finishes his drink...acts more drunk and begins to walk home
  • wobbles and shows that he is under the influence of alcohol
  • becomes more worried and begins to rush home

Time framed storyboard:

0-11 secs: waking up, sitting up, drinking wine/some sort of alcohol. (focus in and out on camera to show him waking up)

12-23 secs: getting up, dressed, leaving house

24 secs: starts walking & drinking wine at the same time. Looking down & around as he walks to shows his helplessness

46 secs: stops and looks in a shop window-lip synching (capture the reflection of him in the shop window) then he walks on, still lip synching

1.08 mins: stops and looks in a car window-lip synching (film the reflection of him again) then he walks on, lip synching

1.31 mins: walks around in circles looking up, walking backwards (focus in and out)

1.52 mins: walks on again at 'bad dreams' and continues to sing 'bad dreams' to the pub

2.04 mins: low angle close up of him, walking and looking down singing 'bad dreams'

2.17 mins: he gets to the pub, sits at the bar, gets a drink and begins to drink it. Looks around him as he is sat there (slightly self-concious). Looks up as though he is thinking about his problems.

2.40 mins: gets up, running desperately back to his bed & the girl. (out of focus shots, drunk running or staggering)

2.55 mins: gets to the room-walks (rushes?) over to the girl in bed/walks to the girl slowly with his eyes continuously on her

2.58 mins: gets to girl, kisses her on her cheeck while she sleeps and strokes her face or hair

3 mins: turns over and looks straight up at camera/other side of the bed and closes his eyes

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