Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Inspiring music video

'Drunk' by Ed Sheeran carries some ideas that relate to a few of mine. This video is about him getting drunk to feel better about breaking up with his girlfriend. The ideas I have for my music video include alcohol and drinking to feel better about life and to try to get through the bad dreams and the sleepless nights that the character has.
Ed Sheeran's video carries a slightly more comical feel to it which is shown through the appearance of the cat. However, I like the shots that are used to show flashbacks of the girl and to show that Ed is thinking of her and missing her. I think shots like this could work well in my music video. I could include them between shots of him walking to the pub and drinking. This would work well as it would enlighten the audience to the fact that he is depressed and upset because he misses how his relationship with his girlfriend used to be and he is struggling in life which is why he drinks and gets up in the middle of the night and walks to the pub to get more alcohol. 

Shots in the sunlight of them laughing and cuddling whilst holding hands is what I have in mind. This would be effective as it would show their past happiness and would make it clear that this is what he is thinking about on his walk and is what he is so unhappy about. I will have to adjust the saturation and the brightness levels to make it clear that the shots of them together are flash backs so they fit in and do not look odd throughout the video. 

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