Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I had some feedback from my classmates on what clothing they picture on my actor as the casual chinos and white polo top is not working! When intentionally listening to the voice of the singer and imagining who I could picture singing it, I came up with Professor Snape from Harry Potter. I think this might be due to the 'whiney' effect of the singers voice. From this, I imagined dark, skinny clothing and dark hair.

My classmates agreed with this. Alice said she saw the actor with ginger hair and wearing no shoes. This is a very individual look which would probably work, however I do not think my performer would be willing to dye his hair and therefore I will need to compromise. I like the idea of no shoes as this is very different and 'indie'. Emma, another classmate of mine saw a bold character wearing a checked shirt with the top button done up. Although this is also an individual look, I didn't think this worked too well-I did not like the 'bold' idea. I also got feedback from my teacher who said that he thinks the character should be 'messy and dirty' and wear plain, dark clothes. I agree with this, the cream chinos and white polo top is very 'boy band' and clean and does not match the voice of the singer. This became evident to my teacher when he saw the photo shoot that I had done with Ed.

Photo shoot- I also got feedback from my teacher about the angles and poses in my photo shoot. I was happy with my photos as I thought they showed the subdued mood produced by the track and I was glad that my teacher agreed.

Song and artist name- I was undecided on what names to use for the track and artist and therefore asked a few people what they thought. I will put the results into a table and post it onto my blog. Getting other people's opinions really helps me decide when I like more than one idea!

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