Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Preliminary Task

During our task of filming the video of 'Teenage Dirtbag' we came across a few miss-haps! We all decided very easily on the dates we would film and where we would do it but when it came to actually filming, we realized we hadn't planned very well. We didn't have the equipment ready when we came to filming and we also hadn't asked permission from the teachers in school if we could use the destinations necessary for our video. We got together and planned things well for a better outcome when it came to our second attempt which paid off as we all knew what we needed to do and could get on with everything to get it done quickly.
To make filming easier, we broke the music video up into different parts where we recognized it had been all cut from the same shot. This made things easier as we didn't have to shoot every different shot in the video and only had to shoot a sequence and edit it to match.
'Teenage dirtbag' was specifically chosen as the music video is set in a school as it is a part of the american pie movie! Therefore accessibility to sets was quite good as we could use the gym and the outside of our school to match the shots in the original video. Although we didn't have the funding to match the sets perfectly, we tried our best!

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