Tuesday, 19 July 2011


First Day of Filming
We chose the outside shots to film on the first day of filming as we had the props we needed (a car and a bike) organized and ready to use. To make this easier, I printed out a shot-by-shot analysis of each shot in the video and brought it with us so we knew exactly what we had to capture and where everything was supposed to be to make it as similar as possible to the original music video. This was quite a success as we just about managed to film everything we needed to before the heavens opened! This was a bonus because if we were forced to film the same sequence on another day, the continuity would have been bad as the weather would most likely have changed! I was the actress for this day and found it quite difficult to get my part right. Looking at the shot-by-shot helped me a little but because I was trying so hard to get it perfect, it began to become awkward and uncomfortable which may influence the quality of our final piece. It didn't take very long at all to film this sequence so we were able to get it done within lesson time to avoid students walking around the set.

Second Shoot
The filming was not all done together as we have different timetables, so when a couple of people from our group have frees, the rest of us have lessons! Therefore, the second shoot was taken by Isaac. He recorded Keiran (who we use as out main singer) as they both had free lessons at the same time. For this, Isaac had a sheet with all the different shots so he knew what he had to film. From what I heard, this was very successful. However, it was shot in a different place to what the main band was filmed. This might come up as quite a problem with the continuity as the backgrounds will be different from when one shot is our main singer at a mid shot in the gym with a gym-type back ground which then cuts to a close-up of our main singer who is supposed to be in the gym, but will have a dark background as it was shot in the drama studio. This may be something we will have to go back and record again if we have time, or something we learn from in order to avoid it in our A2 projects.

Third Shoot
The third shoot was the band sequence where we rounded up as many students as possible to jump up and down behind our main singer and the band to try to create the same image of this sequence in the original video. I was behind the camera for this sequence therefore I was the one who had the role of telling everyone what to do! Moreover, I found this very easy as most people knew what they were doing anyway. I filmed the band from every angle while the whole song was played through to try and get the same motion of the camera as the original video. I took 3 shots of the whole song, moving around the band getting as many different angles as possible to give us plenty to choose from when editing. The set up of this shoot was more hard work than the actual filming as we had to move around a whole drum kit from one place to another as well as mats to put it on to avoid scratching the floor (which were very heavy). There was a bit of last minute organizing to get everything together and running well, but we managed it and got finished with 20 minutes to spare which was just enough time to pack everything away again!

Overall, filming went quite well and we managed to get everything we needed. There might be a few last minute things we realize need to rush out and film again but that's all part of the learning process I guess!
All we have to do now is edit it all together to try and make it look as much like to original music video as possible!

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