Thursday, 23 February 2012

Change of actor!

I have recently had to stomach an actor change! The person I had acting in my music video originally, Ed, has had a lot of work on at the same time as me and therefore has been busy when I have been free to film him! I thought this may have been a huge problem, but it happened just at the right time for it not to be too uch of an issue. I had already done my magazine advert, but thankfully, I had not included any shots displaying Ed's face which has made it possible for me to change the actor!

I had no idea who to use when I realized I needed another actor, but just by luck, another student (Georgie Barker) said her boyfriend would be willing to help me out and perform for me. This actually has turned out to work quite well as she comes along as well as her boyfriend and she is very good at telling him what to do for me! Another bonus about this is that I can use Georgie in my music video as well as her boyfriend. She is going to play the girl in the video which will be very easy as Georgie and her boyfriend will not find it weird or awkward to work together.

This is Chris, my new actor:
He is 18 and seems very enthusiastic to help me out. His dark hair and brown eyes are a complete contrast to Ed's features, however they work well and may actually help to show a more grimey lifestyle.

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