Monday, 2 January 2012

Photos for my digipack!

I went out to the same location that I have previously taken photos in-but this time, I took my actor. It started to rain and was freezing cold which ruined the shoot a bit, but I got what I could with high efforts of keeping the camera dry! We also had people walking past giving us funny looks as it was 19:30 which was fun!
Seeing as it was very cold, my fingers found it difficult to operate the camera which meant I did not hang around to get all of the shots that I wanted, but I will work with what I have and there are more opportunities to go out and take more photos if need be!

I am going to put some of these photos into Adobe Photoshop and see what editing I can do for improved lighting. Although these photos are quite nice already and have the lighting I was looking for. I will compare different edits to see if any look better.

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