Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Digipack Research

I have decided to produce a digipack alongside my music video so I researched into different templates.
This is a 4 panel digipack which is ideal if I were not to include a vast amount of  information and keep it quite blank.

This is another 4 panel digipack, however it has a pocket on the inside where I can slide an iformation leaflet which might include lyrics from the tracks.

These are both 6 panel digipacks with two different options on where the CD would be placed. I prefer the CD placed on the right hand side on the 3rd panel as it is obscure and different.

This is another style of digipack that I thought was interesting. I like this idea as it is different from other digipacks and there is a chance of designing something intersting for how the panles fit together.

Here is a random sample of digipacks:

The oasis digipack is my favorite here. They are an alternative rock band and I think the colour choice and the image relates nicely to this genre. This helps me to decide what I will use if I decide to design a digipack. 

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