Thursday, 15 September 2011


I researched black and white images and chose a selection that inspired me. I am planning on creating the same mood as these photos do in my video although I'm still not 100% sure on whether I will include the idea of death/loss as the beat through the drums is faster than I would associate with the death/loss idea.
I saw this photos and thought it fitted in well as it is abstract which relates to the piece of music I am using.

This is very insiprational to me. The red lips in the black and white image is what I have in mind when I come to deciding the colours in my video. The black and white theme throughout the video that I have in mind creates the mood that I think the song creates. My idea on top of the initial connoted mood is to add colour for a more interesting approach. This photo is the perfect way to put across my idea.

The above photos are inspirational photos for the narrative part of the video. I'm still to decide whether I will include band shots, but here are some images of the type of thing I would include.

The above photos are what I would use in my video if I were to include band shots. However, I would experiment more into sets and have the band seperate in obscure places such as in the forest and other places that viewers would not usually expect.

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